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At Credit Accelerator Pro, we believe in full transparency and want you to monitor your progress while in our program. Many companies keep you in the dark while guessing your progress

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Keep your tenants accountable for paying rent on time,
and attract credit-conscious renters

Most purchasers see an average increase of 40 points (and sometimes even higher than 100) in their credit score within a few weeks. This is NOT credit repair; we are simply reporting the historic payments your customers have already made.

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Looking to purchase
a new home?

Our Mortgage Accelerator Program can you help you boost your scores for a better interest rate and lower payments on your new home purchase

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Running your Business
on personal credit?

Our Business Accelerator Program help business owners get lines of credit and establish a strong business credit profile with no personal liability.

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Need your Rent
Payments reported to Credit Bureaus?

Get up to 24 months rent history reported to the credit bureaus and increase your score 40 to 100 points.

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We help your clients qualify by adding their good rental payment history to their credit score

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